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In one way or another, everything is done on a farm and ends on the table … The question of all is HOW, what is the process by which the 100% natural product arrives in the dish? Who guarantees?

The answer comes from our Head Chef, owner of this restaurant.

Mancare cu staif

For ingredients of controlled origin I go to the producer – who has a name, an address, and a field he uses to produce. Whether it’s chiken,duck, animals, milk, vegetables, greens or fruits – talk to him, arrange the terms and buy those items for use in the restaurant. I personally check the quality of these products before they get into our flow. Important and basic are the products from Romania, but we also appeal to farmers from other countries when the seasonality of our products requires us. The raw material is processed exclusively in the restaurant kitchen, without using preserved or frozen semipreparations. In fact, the “farm-to-table” concept has been interpreted as what I have been trying to do during my career as a culinary professional. It is not necessarily a cooking style, but a cooking spirit, is a philosophy in which we want to prepare for our clients the most aromatic, tasty, natural, nutritious foods. The new taste, adapted to urban requirements, is the challenge that I have proposed with this restaurant, but at the base, the prescription book I have inherited from my grandmother. Tradition combined with the new is the dominant principle that guides me .

Soups, salads, dishes, steaks, desserts, simple but so spectacular, combined in menus or singles, make up a menu with Ștaif, irresistible. So we expect you to rediscover the old taste in our 100% natural dishes.

Mancare cu staif